2016 Christmas Tree

A Decorated Christmas tree! Now Christmas can come; Martin Luther Church is ready!

2016 Christmas Tree

Thank you to all the strong helpers who decorated the Christmas tree after the beautiful Candlelight Service last night, Sunday December 18, 2016.

Now Christmas can come; the Martin Luther Church is ready!

Posted December 16, 2016:

Bringing nature to Martin Luther Church in the shape of our Christmas tree, thanks to our strong helpers!!!

… and tadaaa here is our beautiful Christmas tree.

… and a┬ábig thank you to Holden, one of our Confirmands who donated “his” tree!

But something is still missing? THE DECORATIONS! So we need your help to decorate this big tree on Sunday December 18, 2016 after the Candlelight Service at 7pm!

Bring light into the world!
Come to our Candlelight Service on Sunday December 18th at 7pm here in the Church.

We encourage the young and the young at heart to come (with friends and family) and join us, as we need your strength and energy to decorate our Christmas tree. All are welcome to join us.

Merry Christmas

Posted by Martin Luther Church Toronto on Thursday, December 15, 2016