2017 06 29 16.36.41

The Renovation Begins

The back office hasn’t had a renovation since the 1980s, so it was ample time that the back office got a refresh with new paint, flooring and most importantly new ductwork. The ductwork was done very quickly in June and didn’t disrupt the office, church or daycare.

The Office is emptied

The next part was when the office really went through a transformation. All the furniture and staff moved downstairs so that hard working volunteers could get started on the east office. When the staff left on Friday most of the furniture was still in the upstairs office and when they came back on Monday all the furniture was moved, the carpet was ripped out, and everything was tarped off.

Painting begins

The preparation for painting was a lot more labour intensive than originally thought.  It turned out a lot of the surfaces in the office were painted with oil paint, which meant more cleaning, sanding, and priming than originally thought. Thankfully, this was found out early enough that all the prep was done over the Canada Day long weekend and the painting could begin. The painting itself was done within two days, keeping the renovation on schedule.

In the next few weeks, the new carpeting will be put in, the new furniture will be purchased and the bulk of the work will be done. Special thanks goes out to Dan for all the time he has put in, Matthew who took a day off work to paint, and all our volunteers who are keeping this project on schedule and on budget! Teresa, the daycare supervisor, says it best: “Looks to me like everything is covered. Looking forward to seeing the results. We will survive; after 5 Superior anything looks smaller.” For more information about fundraising for this project, please click here.