2018 Artwork The Divine Gift For Homage

Participate in the World Day of Prayer Service, March 2 at MLC

In the evening of March 2, the World Day of Prayer will be held at Martin Luther Church, 2379 Lake Shore Blvd West.

World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women who welcome you to join in prayer and action for peace and justice.

All God’s Creation is Very Good! The program for this year was written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Suriname. The Republic of Suriname lies in the northeastern part of South America.

Would you like to be part of the organising team?
Would you like to participate in the service (read, play an instrument, act) and or cook/bake for the dinner afterwards?

Please contact me with your preferences. Or leave a voicemail message at MLC 416 251 8293.

Many blessings in 2018,

Iris Schweiger,