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Farewell To Vicar Mirjam – Interview

Farewell to Vicar Mirjam – Interview

Last updated on August 11th, 2019

What was your first impression of MLC?

I remember coming into the church building for the first time and being convinced that I would never get oriented there. Fortunately that changed! But I also remember coming to a Sunday morning worship service for the first time, and I still know how impressed I was by the hymns, the liturgy, the atmosphere – services at MLC are really something special!

 Do you have any memorable moment (or two) that you would like to share with us?

The Family Camp at Camp Lutherlyn was and is very special to me. I really enjoyed the whole week, especially the campfires and the talks in our cabin. And of course, I will forever appreciate my “Preaching it with a cookie” award. Thank you!

 One of my dearest memories is also the candlelight service in December. I really liked the whole youth program throughout the year, but this service was one of my highlights. I was amazed by how the youth prepared everything, and it really was an honour to accompany them and watch them presiding.

Once you return to Germany, what do you think you will miss the most about MLC?

I will miss eating my favourite cookies at church coffee and having lunch breaks at Lake Ontario. I’ll miss the deep conversations during dinner church as well as the existential discussions during bible study. But most of all, I will miss all the wonderful faces that make MLC the unique place it is.

Did you get a chance to see and explore a bit of Canada in your free time?

Luckily yes! I really loved the cobblestone streets of Quebec City, the street art in Montreal, too many Beavertails in Ottawa and the view over the Thousand Islands. I was also impressed by the oh so big, but yet so different cities Chicago, Washington DC and New York. In May, I took the chance to explore the west coast in Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino.

Now that your time at MLC has come to an end – what awaits you next?Vicar Mirjam Steinebach

Once I’m back in Germany, I will get ordained in the Lutheran Church in North Germany (Nordkirche) and start my work as a pastor in the area of Flensburg.

Anything else you want to say?

Thank you to all of you for being a very open, friendly, honest and humorous congregation! You really made it a joy to work for and with you!

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