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Stronger Than Death- Easter Stones As A Sign Of Hope

Stronger than death- Easter stones as a sign of hope

Last updated on April 17th, 2020

Create Easter stones that carve the Easter message in stone for us.
A project out of the Northern Church of Germany (Nordkirche) for families and for (aspiring) artists looking hope.
When the disciples hurried to Jesus’ tomb to anoint his body, they found the stone at the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away – and the tomb was empty. The rolled-away stone became the symbol of the message that God – and love – is stronger than death. Therefore the stone is to move around the world on Easter Sunday 2020 as a sign of hope – just like the star at Christmas.
We at Martin Luther Church can be part of this movement and get the stone rolling!
On the front of the stone:
Draw something that shows your answer to the question: what helps you overcome death
On the back of the stone:
Write #stronger than death
Search, find & share
To be part of this project, feel free to post pictures of your stones with the hashtags #stärkeralsdertod (stronger than death) and #kircheimdialog (church in dialogue) on Instagram or in the Facebook group “Ostersteine” and become part of a wide-ranging, Easter hope movement! You can also tag Martin Luther Church on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Instructions for painting
You need:
• Stones (They can be found on the side of paths, on the beach or even bought in craft stores)
• Color for the stones: You can use acrylic paint, nail polish or waterproof markers
• Acrylic varnish and brushes You can also draw with ink, chalk or pencil crayons- just make sure you seal it well!
• Sealing: acrylic lacquer or clear lacquer (like Podge), clear nail polish or boat varnish
Notes on protecting the environment:
• Do not stick anything on the stones – no glitter, no stars, no eyes, no wire, no wings, no glue
• Do not put / throw stones into water and, if possible, do not leave them outside in bushes or sand. The stones are better seen and last longer in dry areas protected from rain.
• Please do not put stones in environmentally sensitive areas.
• You can paint with less harmful materials.
• Be respectful and aware of private property.
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