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Mind Maps For Bible Study

Mind Maps for Bible Study

I mentioned in my German radio devotion on May 17, 2020 that I often create mind-maps while reading the Bible or preparing my sermon. You can see the one I created for the radio devotion here. For me it’s a way to engage more deeply with a biblical text.

As this years topic is “reading the Bible”, I want to invite you to try this method yourself. All you need is a piece of paper, one or more pens and a Bible text. After reading the text, you’d write one word in the centre of the paper. Either the word that describes the theme of the text for you right now, or a word from the text that stuck with you. Then you write everything down that comes to mind when reading the word. You continue that with all those words as well. In the end you have a mind-map of ideas, associations and maybe even questions. With everything you’re writing down, you’ll get closer to the biblical text in a personal way. I hope you’ll enjoy your personal Bible study!

Vicar Silke Fahl

Vicar Silke Fahl’s Mind Map for the German Radio Devotion on May 17, 2020

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