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Summer With Romans

Summer with Romans

From Sunday June 28 to Sunday August 23 the vicar team at MLC and Redeemer will be preaching a sermon series on the book of Romans as we follow the lectionary (video and German radio devotions).

The book of Romans will also be explored in our mid-week discussion group starting July 8 where the text for the coming Sunday will be used as the passage. These discussions will take place Wednesdays on Zoom at 8:30 am “Roman Coffee” and 12:15 pm “Roman Lunch”. Email Vicar Jordan Smith,, for login info.

Romans 6:12-23- Sermon on Sunday June 28 (Vicar Silke Fahl)

Romans 7:15-25a- Sermon on Sunday July 5- (Vicar Silke Fahl)

Romans 8:1-11- Discussion on Wednesday July 8 (All Vicars) & Sermon on Sunday July 12 (Vicar Silke Fahl)

Romans 8:12-25- Discussion on Wednesday July 15 (Vicar Adam McComb) & Sermon on Sunday July 19 (Vicar Jordan Smith)

Romans 8:26-39- Discussion on Wednesday July 22 & Sermon on Sunday July 26 (Vicar Adam McComb)

Romans 9:1-18- Discussion on Wednesday July 29 (Vicar Jordan Smith)

Romans 9:1-5- Sermon on Sunday August 2 (Vicar Jordan Smith)

Romans 10:5-21- Discussion on Wednesday August 5 (Vicar Jordan Smith & Vicar Silke Fahl)

Romans 10:5-15- Sermon on Sunday August 9 (Vicar Jordan Smith in English; Vicar Silke Fahl in German)

Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32- Discussion on Wednesday August 12 & Sermon on Sunday August 16 (Vicar Adam McComb)

Romans 12:1-8- Discussion on Wednesday August 19 & Sunday August 23 (Vicar Jordan Smith)



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