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Meet Our Intern Ariane

Meet our intern Ariane

Learn about how Ariane became involved an internship at Martin Luther Church since the spring:

“Hi my name is Ariane and my family and I came to Martin Luther in 2013 shortly after we moved here from Germany. We celebrated a beautiful baptism and were involved in events like the Christmas Bazar. I worked as a paediatric nurse in Germany but unfortunately my school degree and my work experience were not accepted here. I went back to school and started my university career. Things got really busy and time flew by. Even though my family and I did not participate in activities anymore, Martin Luther Church was always in our heart. Originally, I planned my internship this summer with World Vision but COVID-19 canceled everyone’s plans. I am very happy that my path brought me back to my congregation and I hope I can serve the community of Martin Luther during these difficult times.”

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