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Ceconi Family

The Ceconi Family

Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church
2379 Lake Shore Blvd West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8V 1B7
Tel.: (416) 251-8293
Fax: (416) 259-2889

Pastor Dr. Christian Ceconi
Cell: (416) 567-2487
Office Hours and Visits: by appointment. Please call or send a short email.

Marlena Muller
Administrative and Pastoral Assistant
Office Hours: Tues. and Fri. 10 am –5 pm, Thurs. 1–5 pm

Tanya Zielke
Church Council President

Groups and Contacts

Tanya Zielke May 20-2018

Tanya Zielke, Church Council President

Altar Flowers
Sign up on the list in the church entrance. Arrange to have flowers delivered or drop them off before the services on Sunday. You can also donate to the flower fund. Please notify the church office of your plans. You and the person(s) you are donating for will be included in the church announcements.
Contact: Church office, Tel: 416-251-8293,

Bible Study
Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Contact: Pastor Dr. Christian Ceconi

Practice every Tuesday at 6 pm (not in summer).
Choir Director: Linda Marcinkus,

Family Camp Sunday Team
Once a month
Contact: David Sykes, via Church office

Senior’s Group
2nd Wednesday of the month at 11 am at church.

Altar Flowers May 20, 2018

Altar Flowers

Summer Camp Planning Team
Contact: Anna Lisa Wienecke,

Sunday School Team
Sunday School every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (not in summer).
Contact: Tanya Zielke,

Website Team meets quarterly
Contact: Marlena Muller,

Youth Group
Confirmands’ Weekends

Confirmation Classes
Contact: Pastor Dr. Christian Ceconi

Martin Luther Daycare Office
Contacts: Katina Haselsteiner (Administrator), Teresa Kurek (Supervisor),
Tel: 416-259-2861,

Martin Luther Daycare Board
Contact: Cam Watson, via Church office

Visiting Ministry Team meets quarterly
Contact: Gisela Wilhelm, via Church office

Support Team for Syrian Families
Usually 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm
Contact: Greg and Anneli Andre-Barrett,

Church Coffee Team

Annette und Patricia von der Altargilde

Annette and Patricia of the
Altar Guild

Altar Guild
Contact: Annette Rowles & Patricia Mills via the church office

Translation Team
Contact: Church office

Drum Circle
Wednesdays at 10 am
Contact: Iris Schweiger, via Church office