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Last updated on April 17th, 2020

Church Front Doors

“Lutherans by the Lake, Celebrating faith, Serving and inspiring people”

Worship services are the cornerstone of Lutheran Faith. They teach, strengthen and inspire us to live faithful lives through the word of God presented in the scriptures, through sermons and Holy Communion. We value traditional and contemporary music to enhance the worship experience. Our worship is inclusive to all. Generally, we celebrate Sunday services at 9:45 a.m. in English and at 11 a.m. in German.

Evangelisches Gesangbuch: Für Gottesdienst, Gebet, Glaube, Leben

Book cover evangelisches gesangbuch

Evangelisches Gegesangbuch

In the German Service use the Evangelical Hymnal for Wuerttemberg which gathers materials for the worship as well as essential texts of Christianity, meditative pictures, prayers and texts for everyday life. The song part contains the common songs of all Protestant churches in German-speaking countries. The songs are arranged according to the church year and church services, but are also based on basic human issues such as fear and trust, justice, dying and eternal life.

684 songs are online in the database. See list

The text compiles all the basic texts, such as the Lord’s Prayer and Creed. In addition, prayers and meditative texts invite to various stages of life such as birth, marriage, illness and aging, to engage in the hymn book beyond the service and to be accompanied in everyday life.

Evangelical Lutheran Worship (The Red Songbook)

Evangelical Lutheran WOrship (ELW) red song book cover standing

Evangelical Lutheran Worship

In the English service we use Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) which gathers materials for worship as well as simple daily prayer services, all 150 Psalms, a calendar of daily readings, and Luther’s Small Catechism. The hymn book was published in 2006 as a collaborative effort between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. There are ten liturgies, or settings, for Holy Communion which draw on the varied expressions of the Lutheran church in North America, both historical and contemporary.

Like the Evangelisches Gesangbuch, the 743 hymns in the book are arranged according to the church year and church services as well as themes of grace, faith, confession, community in Christ, and witness.

Within the liturgical section of the book are services for various stages of life such as birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, illness and funerals.

An index of the hymns can be found at

Children in Worship
Children get the opportunity to participate in the first part of the service, during Children’s Time. Sunday School continues with a child-friendly program lead by Sunday school leaders and usually takes place on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Special Services
One bilingual joint church service is held the third Sunday of the month at 11 a.m., with German and English elements. Our liturgical life also goes far beyond the usual Sunday worship. This includes a Christmas Play, an Easter sunrise service at the lake and an outdoor service at the church picnic. Mid-week services are also provided during Lent and for special occasions. We also offer weddings, confirmations, baptisms, family services, holiday productions, and more.

You can also always contact our pastoral team at in order to lead a memorial service, baptism, wedding or funeral.

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