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Last updated on Januar 18th, 2023

Hochbeet Gartenarbeit

UPDATE: Wir arbeiten mit Bees for Peace (https://www.beesforpeace.org/) für den Sommer 2022 zusammen, um mehr über einheimische Bestäubergärten in unserer Kirche zu erfahren und sie anzulegen. Haben Sie eine dieser Pflanzen in Ihrem Garten zu Hause? Könnten Sie etwas davon mitbringen, um es in unserer Kirche und im Garten der Kinderbetreuung zu pflanzen?

Hinter der Kirche an der Superior Avenue sind Hochbeete, wo wir einen Gemeinschaftsgarten haben. Ab Juli 2021 pflanzten die MLC-Sommerstudenten eine Vielzahl von Gemüsesorten mit Samen, die vom Compost Council of Canada (http://www.compost.org/) bereitgestellt wurden. Die Ernte wurde während der Sommermonate mit Suppe und Segen – Lebensmittelseelsorgeverteilt. Auch Passanten vor Ort konnten sich bedienen.

Community and Pollinator gardens

The community garden in the raised beds in front of 5 Superior Avenue has been thriving this past Summer and will continue to grow into the Fall. It has provided a rich harvest that our Bowls and Blessings team has shared with the community throughout the summer. Every week, the table held something delicious from the bounty of the garden. Chives and mint were added to butter and spread onto bread from the Paris Bakery. Kale from the garden was turned into pasta salads with generous food donations from the community food pantry.

Passersby at the Bowls and Blessings food ministry table were told of the community garden and circled back around to share what they had picked for themselves. Fresh red tomatoes and crisp green peppers abounded in the rich soil of the garden. To all who are interested, the garden is still open for planting and harvesting into the Fall. Feel free to stop by and get involved with the garden in any way you would like!

In addition to our raised bed community gardens, we also have continued our pollinator garden at 5 Superior Avenue in front of the childcare centre! In collaboration with Bees for Peace (https://www.beesforpeace.org/) this summer, we joined with student volunteers to plant native plants in our pollinator garden. These plants will support ecological diversity and local pollinators in our neighbourhood! The garden now includes a generous donation of Queen Anne’s Lace from Carrie Dohe, the director of Bees for Peace.

There is still a need for help with the weeding as we head into the Fall so any are welcome to volunteer! If anyone has any extra plants in their home gardens, we are still accepting donations of new pollinator plants to continue to fill up the space! Otherwise, monetary donations can be sent to treasurer@martinluther.ca and all other inquiries can be sent to office@martinluther.ca.

The raised bed gardening all started in July 2021 when the MLC summer students planted a variety of vegetables with seeds provided by the Compost Council of Canada (http://www.compost.org/). The crops were distributed during Bowls and Blessings food ministry throughout the Summer and Fall 2021 and 2022, and local passers-by helped themselves. The pollinator garden was added in the Summer of 2021 when we partnered with Bees for Peace to learn more about and create native pollinator gardens in our church.

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