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Last updated on July 25th, 2017

Pastor Christian Ceconi baptizes a baby at the font of Martin Luther Church

2014 Baptism at Martin Luther Church

Baptism is the beginning of the path to God.

Strictly speaking, this path starts sooner, namely with the decision to get to know the church and to prepare for Baptism. In Baptism, the candidate is promised, “You belong to God. Everything that separates you from God (traditionally called sin) does not count anymore, only that God loves and accepts you.”


God is the source of your life – even beyond death.

Some people are baptized as infants, others as adults. If you would like to take the path towards Baptism, either for your (god) child or yourself, then please contact us:

2015 Baptism at Martin Luther Church

2015 Baptism at Martin Luther Church

We offer a place in our congregation where you can learn more about faith in Jesus Christ and where your faith can continue to grow even after Baptism.

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