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Kindergottesdienst für den Ostersonntag

Last updated on April 11th, 2020

Welcome back to Sunday School for Easter!
Let’s start all together with a Big Sunday School Prayer 
Words of Welcome and Introduction (Adult/Children Leaders):
Congratulations! You get to learn the greatest Bible story of all: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ! EASTER!!
Easter is a very special festival during spring time. Actually, it is the most important festival for our church! Today we will learn what Jesus has to do with Easter.
For now, let’s pray our Sunday School prayer:

Sunday in a quiet time,

bless this little life of mine.

In the wonder of each day,

let me live a holy way.



Gott, der Sonntag gehört dir,

deinen Segen wünsch ich mir.

Lass mich deine Wege gehn,

täglich deine Wunder sehn.



Note for parents: Before diving into today’s lesson, let the children hunt for items that have something to do with today’s story and Jesus‘ resurrection such as a stone, linen cloth or blankets, and a picture of an empty tomb.
After the children have found all the items, let them hold up their item as the Resurrection Story is told.
Everybody needs a stone for the activity to come.

I wonder…

  • Today we’ll hear about the resurrection of Jesus. What does the word “resurrection” mean?
    (The act of coming back to life after being dead).
  • So that means today is the day that Jesus came back from the dead! Does anyone know what led to Jesus’ death in the first place?
    (Quick overview: 1. Last Supper on Maundy Thursday 2. Arrested while praying in Gethsemane 3. Crucified on Good Friday 4. Buried in the stone tomb – maybe ask ‘what is a stone tomb?’).
    • After Jesus died and was buried in that solid stone tomb with that huge rock sealing it shut, how could he possibly come back from the dead? We’ll learn what happened in today’s lesson…
Let’s watch today’s story…
Parents, please see links below for different age groups and choose the one you feel is appropriate for your children before the lesson. Make use of the items gathered during the scavenger hunt.
In addition to watching the movie, we encourage you to use any children’s bible you may have available to review the story together with the children.
Jesus’ Burial & Resurrection / The Empty Tomb (10+)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe50_LaJgWE [Start at 1:42]
The Empty Tomb + Doubting Follower (10+)
The Empty Tomb (Words + Video) (Primary)
Last Supper to Jesus’s Resurrection (Preschool, though good for everyone)
Conversation Markers:
Choose those that you see fit the movie you watched.
  • Who was the first person/people to visit the tomb after Jesus was buried?
    (Mary Magdalene & other women)
  • What did she/the women see?
    (The large stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty)
  • How do you think you would feel if you were Mary, or one of the women?
  • What did Peter find when he went inside the tomb?
    (Strips of folded cloth that Jesus was wrapped in after he died.)
  • What did Mary find when she went inside the tomb?
    (Two angels, who asked why she was crying)
  • Who did Mary think she saw when she left the tomb?
    (The gardener)
  • When did she know this man was actually Jesus?
    (When he called her name)
  • How did the disciples react when Mary told them she saw Jesus?
    (They gathered together, afraid of what the Jewish leaders might do to them)
  • How did they react when they saw Jesus appear before them?
    (They were very happy)
  • What did Jesus tell the disciples?
    (They would continue his work by preaching about God’s love)
  • Why did Jesus die and rise again?
    (To overcome death and lead us, God’s children, to heaven after our bodies die.)
Our Response
Sometimes we think things are very bad and that they cannot change. But God is powerful – he can make things good even when they seem very bad. God can do things that are impossible! The good news is that Jesus died on the cross for you and for me and everyone in the world.  He loves us and does not want us to be punished for our sins.  Dying on the cross and coming back to life showed that Jesus has power over death.  He has the power to save us from death, too. Jesus will live forever and he wants everyone to live forever with him.
There are so many things you can do to celebrate new life at Easter!
Easter Stones (featured activity)
The Sunday School can join the whole congregation to make Easter Stones explained on our website here.
Besides the Easter Stones activity, here is a list of ideas you can do at home with your kids

Crafting activities that require supplies:

Games and acting:
  • Place a dark cloth over a small table to form a “tomb”. Ask someone/a child to be the body inside. Place a cardboard rock at the entrance. Let the child(ren) see the body inside (or ask them how they feel in the tomb) and then put the stone in place. “Body” crawls out the back and the children remove the stone to see an empty tomb. (Young ones love this re-enactment)
Don’t forget to show us what you made on Instagram @lutheransbythelake or Facebook @martinlutherchurchtoronto. 
Dear parents, we’d like to ask for your permission to make a collage of the pictures and publish it on our social media channels. Thank you!
This brings us to the end of Sunday school for today. Let’s say our 5 finger prayer together, and sing our goodbye song, and we’ll come back together again next week.
5 Finger Prayer
Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram and email prayers@martinluther.ca with your prayer requests.
Sending Song: Sei behütet/ Be cared for
A German version of the song can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTVKuu2tUAc 
We usually only sing the chorus (right at the beginning), but feel free to listen to the whole song if the children like to.
An instrumental version of the song played on piano can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBXoC2BXBDs
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