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Calling On All Our Crafters

Calling on all our crafters

Last updated on February 3rd, 2021

Dear Congregation,

The last year has been challenging, however, it has given us the opportunity to dramatically reconsider how we think about faith, how we worship, and how we connect with others in different ways. With this in mind, we are planning an online Spring Bazaar, March 15-24, 2021. Curbside pickup dates Saturday March 27 and Sunday March 28.

2013 Christmas Bazaar -angel ornament

2013 Christmas Bazaar -angel ornament

We already have 8 craftspeople offering their delightful products, and are looking for more! In order to be successful, we need crafty, clever, and talented members of our congregation to think of what they can contribute. Do you bake, sew, knit or crochet? What about painting, woodworking, welding? What special items can you donate?

Some ideas may include: Easter decorations, seeds for the garden, painted plant pots, wooden bird feeders, notecards, decorated eggs, Easter door wreaths, Easter themed masks, beaded jewellery, have fun and use your imagination! We encourage non-perishable items, and still have a need for preserves (jams/jellies/chutneys) anything that can be kept unrefrigerated.

To participate, please send your name and contact details (email address/phone number) to, along with

  • a product description including ingredients and what makes it special
  • the quantity of items you offer (eg. 6 jars of homemade strawberry jam)
    If possible, do not offer only 1 item. Please create multiple similar items which can be listed together.
  • the recommended price the item should cost
  • 2 or 3 photos of the item individually, and from different angles, on a plain background



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