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$130,000 Is Needed To Reopen The Martin Luther Church Day Care!

$130,000 is needed to reopen the Martin Luther Church Day Care!

Last updated on February 16th, 2018

Einzahlung auf das neue Spendenkonto

Einzahlung auf das neue Spendenkonto

If you wish to make a contribution, come to church in person, or mail-in your donation, or follow these three simple steps:

1. Visit your local BMO branch,
2. Give the account number and purpose: BMO Account # 2435 8978 800 and “5 Superior Trust”,
3. DONATe! Any amount is welcome (tax receipt $20.00+)

To see where your donation is going, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PastorOnTheLake

For more details on the history and recent developments of the daycare, please navigate to our blog on our website under Community – News Blog.

4. Take a selfie with your donation at the bank and send it to

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the children, parents and teachers of the daycare.

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