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Return To The Ark With Sunday School

Return to the Ark with Sunday School

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020

Sunday School Lesson 3 Online
Second Sunday of Easter, April 19, 2020
Words of Welcome and Introduction:
Do you remember the story of Noah’s Ark? Noah, his family and the animals waited a long time for the flood to end. A couple of weeks ago we made rainbows as a sign of hope. Maybe you put them in your window to give hope to your neighbours and friends. Today we will look at the story again and learn what it means to care about each other by taking different perspectives.
For now, let’s pray our Sunday School prayer:
English:Sunday in a quiet time,

bless this little life of mine.

In the wonder of each day,

let me live a holy way.


Deutsch:Gott, der Sonntag gehört dir,

deinen Segen wünsch ich mir.

Lass mich deine Wege gehn,

täglich deine Wunder sehn.


Get ready for today’s story!
  • Pretend to be different animals

  • How did it feel to act like the different animals?
  • Does it sometimes feel like you’re in a zoo when you’re at home for a long time?
  • Can you imagine what it felt like to be on Noah’s Ark?
  • Collect items in pairs to recreate the story today: stuffed animals, toys, socks- use your imagination!
In addition to watching the movie, we encourage you to use any children’s bible you may have available to read the story of Noah’s Ark.

I wonder…

  • What did you see in the story?
    (A boat, Noah and his wife, different animals)
  • How do you think Noah’s family felt while everyone was laughing at Noah while he was building the ark?
    (Embarrassed, angry)
  • How did the characters feel on the arc?
    (Scared, frustrated, bored, lonely…)
  • What did all the animals do all that time on the boat?
    (Play, eat, rest, read…)
  • How did Noah feel the first time he sent the raven out and it didn’t return with anything?
    (Patient, forgiving and also maybe disappointed and sad)
  • How did he feel the second time when it returned with a branch?
    (Hopeful, happy, excited)
  • How did he feel the third time when it didn’t return?
    (Relieved, thankful)
  • How did everyone feel when they were finally able to come off the boat?

Children can act out these scenarios.

  • Where did you see examples of caring in this story?
    (Everyone brought food onto the boat and God made sure there was enough. Noah had patience and helped take care of God’s creations.)

Our Response

Today, we read a story about how God protected and cared for Noah many years ago. How does God still protect/care for us today?

We also need to take care of ourselves so that we can help take care of each other. This is important now that we’re spending lots of time at home, just like it helped everyone on Noah’s Ark. We can find ways to feel good and be nice to each other, especially our friends, neighbours and teachers who we can’t spend time with in person right now.

Don’t forget to show us what you made on Instagram @lutheransbythelake or Facebook @martinlutherchurchtoronto
Dear parents, we’d like to ask for your permission to make a collage of the pictures and publish it on our social media channels. Thank you!
This brings us to the end of Sunday school for today. Let’s say our 5 finger prayer together, and sing our goodbye song, and we’ll come back together again next week.
Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram and email with your own prayers.
Sending Song: Sei behütet/ Be cared for

A German version of the song can be found here:
We usually only sing the chorus (right at the beginning), but feel free to listen to the whole song if the children like to.
An instrumental version of the song played on piano can be found here:
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