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Sunday School For Any Day Of The Week Now!

Sunday School for any day of the week now!

Last updated on April 9th, 2020

We welcome parents and children to join our Sunday School team by following this lesson on Palm Sunday or any time during Holy Week. We begin with the story of Noah’s Ark because we relate it to how we might feel at this difficult time. Please follow the reading cues and links.

Lessons for Easter Sunday on April 12 and the First Sunday of Easter on April 19, 2020 will be also shared in the coming weeks. Please contact the church office if you’d like to record your family praying and singing so we can insert these into our lessons and feel connected!

Lesson 1 on or after Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020


Big Sunday School Prayer

Words of Welcome and Introduction (Adult/Children Leaders):

Today we talk about a story of hope and new life – and about a big boat. All around us there are also signs of hope and new life. Maybe you’ve even seen some of them in the ground?

When Jesus was entering Jerusalem, people waved palm leaves to greet him which is why we celebrate Palm Sunday. We might not have palm leaves at home but the next time you’re outside, take a branch with buds or a flower and put it on your front door.

For now, let’s pray our Sunday School prayer:



Sunday in a quiet time,

bless this little life of mine.

In the wonder of each day,

let me live a holy way.



Gott, der Sonntag gehört dir,

deinen Segen wünsch ich mir.

Lass mich deine Wege gehn,

täglich deine Wunder sehn.



Adult Leader asks questions to child(ren)

I wonder… 

  • Have you ever been on a boat?
  • Do you remember what it’s like? Or what do you think it’s like?
    (waves make the boat sway, wind blows)
  • Do you know a story in the Bible where people are on a boat?
    (the anticipated answer is Noah’s ark, but Jesus and his friends were also on boats quite often and we recently talked about that with the kids)
  • Do you know who was on the boat we are going to talk about today?
    (Noah, his family, animals)

Let’s watch today’s story: 

In addition to watching the movie, we encourage you to use any children’s bible you may have available to read the story of Noah’s Ark.

Conversation markers

  • How do you think Noah felt when he was building the ark and people laughed at him?
    (He still believed that what God told him was the right thing to do.)
  • Do you sometimes need to do something that other people don’t understand?
  • How did Noah and his family feel when the rain started to fall?
    (Glad they followed God’s advice.)
  • And how do you think they felt after being on the boat for sooo long?
    (They were probably a little bit bored.)
  • Do you sometimes feel you have to wait for something that takes very long?
  • What did Noah do to see if they could get off the ark soon?
    (He sent out a raven and a dove to explore the conditions outside.)
    Here we have a link to Palm Sunday, because the dove came back with a twig that showed that the water had retreated. Remember, people used branches to wave when Jesus entered Jerusalem!
  • What did God do after the earth had drained and Noah and his family got off the ark?
    (He sent them a rainbow and promised to never let a flood happen again.)

Our Response

Adult/Children Leaders: Right now, we’re all stuck inside – on rainy days, or when we’re tired or cranky or sad, it can feel a little like being on a boat sailing all alone over the seas. But just like Noah and his family, we can have faith that this is not forever, that things will change and we will emerge. We can have HOPE and we can have FAITH. We can also share that hope with other people; we can make messages of hope and faith for other people to see.

So let’s make “Everything Will Be Ok” rainbows to hang in our windows!

And, at the same time, we will make the world more beautiful!

All over the world right now, children and adults are making and drawing pictures of rainbows to put up in their windows, telling other people that it will be ok. For more information and real life examples, visit We know that the rainbow is a very special sign; it reminds us of God’s promise to take care of people, that he sent to Noah after the flood.

So today, we are going to make rainbows to share with other people!

For inspiration, supply lists, and tutorials click the links.

Rainbow colouring sheet

Rainbow Suncatchers

Rainbow Stained Glass Art

Rainbow Stained Glass Window

Sidewalk rainbow chalk

Don’t forget to show us what you made on Instagram and Twitter @lutheransbythelake or Facebook @martinlutherchurchtoronto
Dear parents, we’d like to ask for your permission to make a collage of the pictures and publish it on our social media channels. Thank you!
This brings us to the end of Sunday school for today. Let’s say our 5 finger prayer together, and sing our goodbye song, and we’ll come back together again next week.
Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram and email with your prayer requests.

Sending Song: Sei behütet/ Be cared for

A German version of the song can be found here:

We usually only sing the chorus (right at the beginning), but feel free to listen to the whole song if the children like to.

An instrumental version of the song played on piano can be found here:




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