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Your Sunday Funday For The 7th And Final Sunday Of Easter

Your Sunday Funday for the 7th and final Sunday of Easter

Last updated on May 30th, 2020

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Welcome to Martin Luther Church Sunday School!

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Funday!
Last time we introduced our Summer of Stewardship, and we specifically talked about looking after nature. Do you remember which story we focused on? If you said the mustard seed, you got it! We learned how that tiny seed, with some love and care, grew into a huge strong plant – just like how the church was able to grow! (And soon you’ll be able to try this yourself by planting those cool seeds that you got). So ‘stewardship’ has a lot to do with growing and sharing – but sometimes it isn’t just about plants. Remember when I said before that there were different types of stewardship? Well, in today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about growing your talents and gifts.

Before We Read and Watch Today’s Story…

Let me ask you…

Jocelyn mentioned our talents and gifts. What could you spend hours doing? Maybe playing sports or video games, reading, drawing or hiking.  I imagine that if you spend hours doing something, you’re probably really good at it and always getting better!

What’s helps you get better at doing something?

Does anybody know what a seed does?
That is right, a seed is what grows into a plant, but a seed needs certain conditions to help it grow. A seed needs a certain amount of light, just enough water, and good soil.

Do you know what soil is?
Soil is the ground that a seed grows in.

When you read, watch, and listen to today’s story …

I want you to think about where plants and trees grow. I’m going to go outside to bring the story to life!

In your Spark Bible turn to page 392, did you find Bible Bug?

We call him Barnaby, what do you call him?

Here is Our Story:

I Wonder…

What happened to the seeds that landed on the ground?
What about the ones that landed on the rocky dirt and the dirt with weeds?

Why would the sower plant seeds in so many different places?

What can we learn from the sower?

What does Jesus want us to do?

How can we be like good soil to help our family and friends grow?

Let’s Think About That…

A Reflection on those wonderings
I got up early when I found out there was a video about planting because I was so excited, Solveig and Jocelyn showed us how to plant envelope one, our summer of stewardship which is like caring has started!!! Last year my friend Emmylou explained the reducing waste, recycling, and reusing things are all stewardship, they are caring for the earth. So I rustled around and got some recyclables I could reuse for this, and I did it!!! I planted envelope one, kale!!! I don’t love kale, to be honest, but I do love sharing. When I was planting, I was thinking about today’s story told by our friend Marlena. We heard about Jesus using a parable to explain things to his friends and followers, it is a big crowd. A parable is a way of explaining things some would call it an illustration, and illustration is like this…. a way of explaining something in another way. I like them. Usually, an illustration is to make things easier to understand or more accessible to different ways of learning. A parable is an illustration, but it doesn’t always make things, but they always have an element of thinking… then action. When you understand a parable, which takes work it usually leads us to action. This parable was confusing to me at first. It was about a sower who was throwing seeds around, this person is a sower, a professional seed planter and our friends Jocelyn and Solveig worked hard to plant theirs. I wonder why he was planting like that? If you saw him throwing seeds around what would you think? So, I asked our friends about planting they have done in the past and they have been successful, then it all made sense. Does it make sense to you yet? Let me think this one out loud with you. I love lists and I love 3s

Sowing seeds and parables seem to have 3 big things in common.

1. They both require care, stewardship

2. That care and hard work will be rewarded as the parable and the seed take root. Get deep down so they can’t just blow away or get snatched up by a bird 

3. When they have taken root they spring up, the blossom and grow, they serve others when we share them.

Our seeds are still seeding but we will care for them, be stewards of them

Let’s Talk About How…

Your call to action today is start reusing, I bet we all recycle, and that’s great, but let’s try to reuse as well. Send us pictures of your planting, maybe you are reusing like Solveig and me with our plant pots. Or my friend Emmy Lou also said reusable water bottles were good so here I have mine for watering my seeds. I wonder what are the other ways we can be caring for creation; ways we can be stewards? Share your supper steward ideas with us.

Envelope #1 Get Going, Get Growing, INSIDE!

Envelope #1 Get Going, Get Growing, OUTSIDE!

Don’t forget to show us what you made!

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Parents and guardians, we would like your permission to make a collage of the pictures you send us, we will publish it on our social media accounts.

As We Prepare to Say Goodbye For this week let’s…

Sing Our GoodBye Song…


Chorus: Be sheltered on serving paths.
Be protected in the middle of the night.
Through sunny days, storms and rain,
the Creator keeps watch over you.

1) In the middle of the gray everyday world,
which sang and soundlessly cramped me,
I hear a song that I like
and that gives me perspectives.

2) Sometimes when a day comes to an end
and the night penetrates all cracks,
I feel the wind that blows around us
and brings these lines with it.

3) Whenever we part,
I feel sadness, I feel alone.
And until we meet again,
the words should be your companion.


Ref.: Sei behütet auf dienen Wegen.
Sei behütet auch mitten in der Nacht.
Durch Sonnentage, Stürme und durch Regen
hält der Schöpfer über dir die Wacht.

1) Mitten in die graue Alltagswelt,
die sang und klanglos mich beengt,
höre ich ein Lied, das mir gefällt
und das mir Perspektiven schenkt.

2) Manchmal, wenn ein Tag zu Ende geht
und die Nacht durch alle Ritzen dringt,
spüre ich den Wind, der uns umweht
und diese Zeilen mit sich bringt.

3) Immer, wenn wir auseinandergehn,
spür ich Trauer, fühl mich allein.
Und bis wir uns einmal wiedersehn,
solln die Worte dein Begleiter sein.

Pray Our Goodbye Prayer

Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram to learn about prayer requests and leave your own prayers there!

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