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Sunday Funday And “Mail Time” For Trinity Sunday

Sunday Funday and “Mail Time” for Trinity Sunday

Last updated on June 12th, 2020

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Welcome to Martin Luther Church Sunday School!

Children dancing on a globe

Read or Watch Jocelyn as she welcomes us to this weeks adventure:

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Funday!
Welcome to this week’s Sunday Funday! So far in our stewardship journey, we’ve talked about what stewardship is and how we can be good stewards – like last time, when we learned about Pentecost and how God gave everyone the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is how we can start growing our own talents and sharing them with others (or in other words, letting our light shine)! But have you ever stopped to wonder why we practice stewardship? Like, why would we share our talents with anyone else? Or, why do we grow plants and share our food in the first place? In today’s lesson, we’ll learn that the reason has to do with a pretty important job that God gave us – and believe it or not, we already have the tools to do this job well.

Before We Read and Watch Today’s Story…

Let me ask you…

What talents did you work on this week?

Which talent did you share?

Why does The Church love to serve in the neighbourhood?

Why are some people so excited to talk to people about Jesus?

Why aren’t some people excited?

What about you?

Let’s think about those questions as we watch the telling of a very important moment.

In your Spark Bible turn to page 496, did you find Bible Bug?
We call him Barnaby, what do you call him?

I wonder…

Let’s read or watch Marlena’s wondering

The Great Commission?! Sounds more like Mission Impossible!

How did the disciples feel when they saw Jesus?
How would you react if you saw someone for the first time in a long time?
Would you also offer them something to eat and drink like the disciples did with Jesus? I would love that!
What did Jesus tell the disciples?
Why doesn’t the story end with Jesus getting all the power on heaven and earth?
How do you think the disciples felt when they heard it was their job to teach people about Jesus?
Do you think they were scared?
How would you feel?

Need some inspiration to get out there to serve,
and grow?
These friends are here to help: 


Reflecting on that…

Sometimes it may seem scary to tell others about Jesus, but we have the Holy Spirit with us to guide us.We can teach others about Jesus by sharing our talents in the church and community. And we’ve learned sharing is key to growing our own faith.

Even when we can’t meet at church these days, our church friends are following Jesus’ example by sharing their skills.
We are proud of their work and how it helps our community. Let’s hear from a few of them!
Anitta, Eileen, Molly, Alexia and Marlon read for our Sunday church service,
Alfred gardens,
Vicar Adam tries to garden and loves to share,
Linda plays music,
and Manya translates!
All those different skills and talents, sharing, serving, caring, and being stewards.

Need some fuel to get out there and sharing?
This song always helps

Don’t forget to share! Send us pics of you working on skills, sharing skills, and we want to see you planting efforts. Show it off!

Instagram @YourSundayFundayCYFM

Get Going, Get Growing!

Don’t forget to show us what you made!

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Parents and guardians, we would like your permission to make a collage of the pictures you send us, we will publish it on our social media accounts.

It’s Mail Time!
This week, Mr. Callum,
who you may know as King Herod has a big question:

As We Prepare to Say Goodbye For This Week Let’s…

Pray Our Goodbye Prayer

Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram to learn about prayer requests and leave your own prayers there!

Sing Our GoodBye Song…



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