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Holy Week And Easter 2021 Schedule

Holy Week and Easter 2021 Schedule

Last updated on April 12th, 2021

Newsletter Schedule for Easter 2021



Map to Humber Bay Park West – Etobicoke Point

map to Easter Sunrise Humber Bay Park West

Map to Easter Sunrise Humber Bay Park West

Easter Sunday April 4, 2021
6:30 am Easter Sunrise Celebration and 7:30 Easter Celebration followed by an Easter Egg hunt with Vicar Adam McComb.

Two outdoor Easter celebrations will be held by the lake at Etobicoke
Point, Humber Bay Park West. Please register with the church office or
on Eventbrite at

11:00 am German Easter Service with Pastor Dr. Gerhard Hille on YouTube or on our website and join the watch party at 10:50 am on Zoom!

A word from Pastor Dr. Gerhard Hille regarding in-person services
Pastor Gerhard Hille 2020 Like all of us, I prefer to share good news, and I am particularly reluctant to disappoint people. Today, I am afraid I will have to be the bearer of bad news. I know how much we were all looking forward to celebrating Easter worship in our church again, but unfortunately we will not be able to gather in our building this Holy Week 2021. Due to the dire coronavirus situation, those of us who are responsible for making decisions at our church are not ready to open our doors again and potentially expose congregants to the risk of infection, nor put the risk of holding in person services on the shoulders
of our many volunteers. Etobicoke is still in the “gray zone” (lockdown) and the number of new infections is increasing. In addition, the virus variants in our region are more infectious and so the risk has escalated rapidly. Therefore, I understand that we are well advised to continue to hold our services online as before.

Rest assured that God will continue to reach us on this path in His plan to reach out and speak to us. I remind you that “worship” means first of all that God wants to serve us. With this understanding we want to open up and turn to him. Of course, opening up to him is also possible in an online service, even though there may be certain restrictions and it is difficult to let go of expectations and traditions which have always been important to us.

This is a special situation, and we are called to make sacrifices for the love of our neighbour, as Bishop Michael Pryse wrote to us in his update on this subject. In spite of everything, I wish you a blessed Easter season in which we celebrate the victory of life, because it is true: “HE lives!”

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