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Beverages And Blessings Mon & Fri At 4pm With Our Summer Students

Beverages and Blessings Mon & Fri at 4pm with our summer students

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

2021-06-25 Beverages and Blessings-with Maliha and Johnny

Beverages and Blessings 2021- with Maliha and Johnny

For over 8 weeks now, Mondays and Fridays at 4:00 pm in front of the church, Beverages and Blessings continue to be a success. We have evolved from serving great home-baked bread, tasty pastries, and home-brewed iced teas, to canned goods generously donated by our neighbour John, and fresh vegetables from the raised gardens at 5 Superior Ave. and the parsonage, to sweet frozen treats which went out very quickly to our community. Maliha and I are really proud of the project and of everyone who volunteered, donated, or helped set up the tent and tables each week so that we can give to those in need in the community.

Our original goal was to transform Bowls and Blessings into a more summer-friendly program that provided cooling and refreshing food items to the community and I think it definitely has been achieved. That being said and based on the great feedback from the familiar faces who visit us each week, more freshly cooked meals are greatly appreciated. Due to the kitchen downstairs being occupied by daycare services and everyone being busy, volunteers for meal donations are greatly appreciated.

Last week, our lovely volunteer Karen provided wonderful vegetable and chicken soups as well as tuna and salmon sandwiches which were well and quickly received by community members; they were a hit! Thank you again for your generosity, Karen.

We hope to see others who could donate meals to our efforts in the coming few weeks that Maliha and I will still be working with the church and hope to see more faces coming over on Mondays and Fridays to get goodies during Beverages and Blessings. For those interested in volunteering to donate meals, check out our website at for more info and on how to contact us at the church office

Best Wishes and Blessings to all,

Maliha & Johnny
Martin Luther Church Summer Students 2021

2021 Beverages and Blessings -Maliha

2021 Beverages and Blessings


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