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The Visiting Ministry Team Continues To Stay In Touch

The Visiting Ministry Team Continues To Stay in Touch

Last updated on March 26th, 2022

“Call me again soon” I hear this often when I talk to a senior of our congregation. But despite my promise to do so, weeks might go by before I pick up the phone again. [-Gisela Wilhelm] The goal of the Visiting Ministry team has not changed: keep in touch with all congregational members over 75 years of age. We originally planned to call, visit, or talk to them in church at least once a month. But because of the Corona pandemic, conversations in the church were no longer possible. There were only a few visits, mostly outdoors wearing masks and distancing, which made communication difficult. Instead, many more phone calls were made, many at different intervals.

Through the conversations we got the impression that most seniors had found a way to cope with the pandemic and to hear God’s word, even when the church building was closed. “What’s new in the Church?” was a common question. How good that the team was informed by MLC update e-mails and the always up-to-date MLC website, and could pass this information on. Services were also provided that went beyond our mission, for example not so mobile seniors were accompanied to doctor’s appointments. Because a taxi drops the person in front of the door, but help is needed with walking or finding their way around.

Since the middle of July 2021, it has been possible to visit people in Long-Term Care Homes again albeit with different regulations to be observed depending on the home. How wonderful to see our disabled church members in person again!

For a long time, it was our wish that the team meet in person. This then became possible on June 3, 2021, where we met with Pastor Dr. Gerhard Hille, outdoors wearing masks and at a distance. We shared our experiences and talked about the welfare of the parishioners we were in contact with. We thank Pastor Hille for his encouragement.

In August 2021, Pastorin Annika Klappart contacted us from Germany to find out more about our work. Her plan was to call parishioners from Germany if her entry into Canada would have been postponed even further. We put together information to make these calls easier for her.

But now she is in Canada, in our congregation, and we are sure that she will look out for the older congregation members and give new impulses to the Visiting Ministry team. With Gods help we will be happy to support her!
-Gisela Wilhelm, October 2021

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