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Heartfelt Thanks From The Parsonage With Love … Vicar Adam

Heartfelt thanks from the Parsonage with Love … Vicar Adam

Last updated on September 7th, 2021

2021 Parsonage backyard… A reflection by Vicar Adam McComb …

My refuge, my Ark has been the parsonage and both the Martin Luther Church and Mimico area communities. The rain stopped, the skies cleared, and a rainbow formed. This Rainbow Covenant captured in our windows fills the church with multicolored light and it demands a response. The Creator extends his hand in partnership and calls us to take up our mantle to care for creation; all of it. Thankfully, I have been able to respond because of our community and the parsonage.

This home has been a refuge and the staging ground for so many great projects that help me to get my hands dirty in partnership with God. Gifted plants and seeds have produced projects like “Give Peas a Chance” and yielded a bounty that we have shared with cards saying “From the Parsonage With Love”. Our Masks for Good project has seen hundreds of masks, incredible stories, and tonnes of donated resources pass through this house. Growing some good, raising awareness about food insecurity, meeting our neighbours, offering masks, sharing soup, stories, and hope – that is caring for creation, and that is how we at Martin Luther Church have responded to God’s call.

That is what I see in those first windows when I let them tell their story.

The parsonage continues to be a blessing and a refuge that allows me, and all of us to respond to God’s call. Part of appreciating the home that has allowed this and the community that supports us has be through amazing projects in and around the house.

Volunteers like Kai, Dan, and others have taught us skills and empowered us to serve the house that serves so many. The sharing of time, skills, and resources within the Martin Luther community continues to impress and form me.

2021 Parsonage sideyardThis house has brought friends together for holidays, birthdays, provided a staging ground for ministries and even offered refuge. We have changed tiles, painted walls and decks, planted gardens, and shared from our abundance. This could only happen with so much help and support from the Martin Luther Church community, one outrageously generous Polish neighbour and one stern but kind Italian one.

Together we are trying to grow some good and get the parsonage ready for our new Pastor and her husband to walk in and feel the love and excitement of this community.

– Vicar Adam McComb, July 2021

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