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Pastor Annika Klappert Introduces Herself

Pastor Annika Klappert introduces herself

Last updated on October 28th, 2021

Annika Klappert with Martin Luther statue Sep 2021 in foyer

Pastor Annika Klappert, serving August 1, 2021-

I’m Annika Klappert and I am officially serving this lovely congregation as pastor since August 1st, 2021. After some problems with the immigration process due to the Corona pandemic, I finally arrived in Toronto on the 8th of September 2021. I am so happy to finally be here! Since I am brand-new to this congregation I think you might want to know a little bit about me and my background, so – here we go:

I completed my theological studies in Münster and Berlin, and my practical training as vicar in Hamm, Westfalia (Germany). In my first years as a pastor I came to know all fields of pastoral work intensely at three different congregations. Besides that I was able to set my own priorities; first, in child and youth work, including the organization and design of children’s Bible weeks and experiential Confirmation work. Then, I also really enjoyed working with and accompanying seniors, for example regularly organizing afternoons in women’s groups and senior circles as well as special projects such as a pilgrimage for people using walkers.

Sep 12, 2021 - 1st Worship Service with Pastor Annika Klappert

Sep 12, 2021 -1st Worship Service with Pastor Annika Klappert in-person. Standing with congregational members Gisela W. and Kai H.

My work with young adults aged 20-35 in the Münster student congregation, imbued me with the perspective of the next generation of church members, which we as a church should listen to so that we remain a relevant place of community and faith with a future.

I think it’s a privilege in my profession, that I constantly get to know people in different life circumstances! It moves me when I experience people opening up in conversation, letting me participate in their narrative, sharing the thoughts and feelings that are currently there. To be able to accompany people to a certain extent, be it in happy moments such as a wedding or baptism; or in a phase of mourning or illness, is very purposeful and fulfilling. I am happy when I, as a Pastor, through listening, silence, praying or giving a blessing, can be of assistance.

I feel very blessed, that the Martin Luther Church congregation chose me to be their next pastor, because it is an incredibly diverse and lively church community with many groups and projects! I am also impressed by the strong social welfare causes that characterize the MLC.

I believe that the Christian faith, in addition to praying, singing and studying the Bible together; also includes looking at one’s neighbour outside of one’s own church walls.

I’m really excited to venture forward and find out together with you what kind of church God needs us to be in these coming years – hopefully with a lot of music, since I love to sing, play the guitar and piano!

– Pastor Annika Klappert, September 17, 2021

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