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Christmas Play 3rd Sunday of Advent Dec 17 11:00 am

Last updated on December 26th, 2023

UPDATE: One of Martin Luther Church’s Christmas favourites, the Nativity Play was performed by a cast of over a dozen congregants under the direction of Tanya Zielke following her lovingly crafted script.

The players —who ran the gamut from angels, innkeepers, shepherds, Wise (WO-)men, and of course Mary and Joseph (with a doll stand-in for baby Jesus) — perfected their roles in two intensive rehearsals (one Friday evening Pizza Party and one pre-Sunday-Service), and enthralled our congregation with their hearty and humorous performance!

Four weeks ago, Pastor Annika asked Tanya Zielke: “What are we going to do about the Krippenspiel this year?” Since most of “our kids” are not old enough to take on big roles, but are still excited about Christmas, we wondered how to make it fun, inclusive and accessible for all.
We only had a script that divided the congregation in groups to repeat certain parts of the nativity tale. So we tweaked the script to make it work for us and to find some willing actors of all generations to help tell the story (resulting in Three Wise WOmen). Smaller kids put on costumes to get into character and join the actors on stage. Pastor Annika was the prompter, holding up cue cards for the different actor teams, and Tanya told the story in a catchy way. A Big Shoutout to her, for thinking of every detail and pragmatically helping to realize Pastor’s vision, to Alex as Co-director, and to all our fabulous actors and helpers –in or behind the scenes: thank you for making this day special for one and all!

2023 Christmas Play Dec17

December 1, 2023 – Pizza Party! Rehearsal for Christmas Play Friday 5:30pm Dec 15, 2023. Followed by another rehearsal Sunday morning and the performance at 11:00 am during Service 3rd Sunday of Advent December 17, 2023. Contact Pastor Annika Klappert to particpate and for more information.

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