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Last updated on May 20th, 2023

Worship Service with Pastor Klappert

2021 Pastor Annika Klappert at Installation Service.

Annika Klappert, our Pastor, 2021-

What I love about my job is that I get to meet so many people in various situations and stages of their lives. It gives me purpose to share their joys and troubles and together search for ways to encourage and nourish them in their faith. I thrive when working with others on new ideas and projects, trying to be the church God needs in this day and age, serving the people of our neighbourhood.

Our previous Pastors
Karl Wulf, 1957 – 1959, (2 Jahre), Otto Winter, 1959 -1964, (5 Jahre), Eberhard W. Schwantes, 1964-1999, (35 Jahre), Stefan Wolf, 2000 – 2007, (7 Jahre), Alexander Mielke, 2007 – 2013, (6 Jahre), Dr. Christian Ceconi, 2013 – 2020, (7 Jahre).–

Mona Frantzke at German Thanksgiving 2021

Mona Frantzke at German Thanksgiving 2021. My family and I are all longtime members of the Martin Luther Church.

Our Church Council in 2023

Mona Kakoschke Frantzke, President,
Jocelyn Sommerfeld, Co-Vice-Presdient,
Andrea Dannecker, Co-Vice-President,
Kai Herrmann, Treasurer,
Tanya Zielke, Secretary
Andreas Boettcher

Our past presidents
Iris Schweiger, Tanya Zielke, Edmund Scholz, Dan Sommerfeld, …

Our lay preachers

1. Tanya Zielke

2. Katja Brittain

2020 Kai Herrmann - for website

Kai Herrmann in 2020. My family joined Martin Luther Church when we were looking for a congregation to baptize our first child. I moved here from Germany in 2005 and this congregation is my connection to my home country and  reconnecting to the values of Lutherans. As a family we enjoy the services and the leisure activities in our congregation, and I am happy to be part of maintaining and growing the community.

3. Iris Schweiger

My passion is inspiring people to live in and work with the love of Christ. I am always seeking to establish new ways to open the church doors to help neighbours, friends and congregation members find their programming needs. In 2017 I completed a lay preacher training program at the EKD in Germany and have been leading worship on occasional Sundays in English and German at MLC, First Lutheran and St. Georg’s Lutheran Church.

Our vicars, interns, and students:
The following vicars, interns and students have served our church over the years.

Vicars: Susanne Hoffman, Katharina Prozniak, Moritz Menacher, Catharina Klein, Mirjam Steinebach, Silke Fahl, Adam McComb, Jordan Smith, Caroline Raddatz.

Interns: Luisa Lenz, Alena Mathis, Hilke Troff, Ann-Christin Hohaus, Nils Timm, Anne-Marie Prueser, Rahel Anne Roemer, Nefeli Xiggos,

Students: Iris Mak (Waterloo Lutheran College, Waterloo, Ontario)

2020 Tanya Zielke - for website

2020 Tanya Zielke. My most favourite part of any service is when we sing. Singing hymns is how I feel connected to God and the Holy Spirit.

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