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Last updated on October 27th, 2020

Altar Flowers are a beautiful expression of thanksgiving that we offer to God in worship. All members are invited to beautify the Lord’s altar with their offering on any given Sunday, and they may mention this offering as being also given in memory and/or celebration of events that are important to them. All appreciate your addition of beauty to the sanctuary.

Sign-up sheet for Altar Flowers
There is  a sign up sheet in the church entrance for persons to donate to the flower fund or arrange to have flowers delivered or drop them off before the services on Sunday.  The person(s) who are donating for will be included in the church announcements.

2020 Annette Rowles -Altar Guild Oct 18
2020 Annette Rowles -Altar Guild

Altar Guild
Flowers are unable to set up and look after themselves! If you have a green thumb and a couple hours a month to spare, please contact the office to step into the role of altar flower caretaker. The role is very rewarding since the effects are immediately visible. Join the Altar Guild!

Holy Communion
The holy communion silverware sets and glasses do not wash up and look after themselves!

Contact: Annette Rowles, Altar Guild team leader via the church office, Tel: 416-251-8293,

For many years flower duty was admirably performed by volunteer Karl Kriese †. We would like to acknowledge this and thank him (his family). He contacted church members whom he knew had flowers in their backyard gardens. He also assembled and hung the real living advent wreath every year.

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