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Last updated on January 23rd, 2022

Contact us if you want a visit or to celebrate an occasion with a worship service, such as baptisms, weddings, wedding anniversaries or when moving into a new home. When mourning, we accompany you not only at the funeral but afterwards as well. Spiritual guidance can also provide useful insights into different stages of life. Let us know if we can help!



2015 Home Visit for pastoral care
Home Visit for pastoral care

“A visit does not need a reason,” a pastor once said, but here are a few suggestions:

• Do you like to drink tea or coffee as much as our pastoral team?
• Have you just moved to Toronto and are looking for contact with a church?
• Are you celebrating an anniversary or another important transition in your life?
• Do you want to celebrate Holy Communion at home?
• Do you want to get involved in our church life and need advice on how to get started?

Contact our pastoral team at any time or let the church office know. They can set up a visit right away!

2015 Home Visit for pastoral care
2015 Home Visit for pastoral care

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” (Sören Kierkegaard)

These words describe what pastoral care is all about. A good conversation can help us to underst


and what has happened in the past, work through emotions that we’re dealing with right now and help find this path forwards. Talking with a pastor can also help you to get spiritual insights to your individual faith journey. This isn’t always done through prayer but it can be helpful- however you determine if and how this happen. If you wish, we also bless you.



2021 Baptism at Martin Luther Church
2021 Baptism at Martin Luther Church


Baptism is the mark of a lifelong journey with God.

A Baptism is the festive acceptance of a person into the Christian community. In a service, the pastor pours water over the head of the person to be baptized in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

The water of baptism has many meanings. For example, it’s a symbol for the grace and forgiveness of God that guides us through life, washing away what keeps us from him. Baptism is a sacrament that unites all Christians. The Protestant Church baptizes both adults and children.

2021 Baptism at MLC
2021 Baptism at Martin Luther Church with Pastor Annika Klappert

In the case of infant baptism, godparents are part of the process. They are supposed to help the parents raise the child in the Christian faith and accompany it until confirmation. At confirmation, the children can then say “yes” to their baptism themselves. We offer a place in our congregation where you can learn more about Jesus Christ and where your faith can continue to grow even after Baptism.

If you would like to take the path towards Baptism, either for your child or yourself, please contact us.




Have you found your life partner?

2008 Wedding at Martin Luther Church
2008 Wedding at Martin Luther Church

You want to get married in the church and go through life together with God’s blessing? Then get in touch!

Together, we can plan a service that not only has a celebratory tone but also recognizes both of your unique qualities. Most importantly, we will plan a service where you can feel God’s blessing.

Are you still unsure whether a church wedding is right for you? Then you are welcome to set up a meeting for more information at your earliest possible convenience.


2017 Pastor Knaack Funeral

In times of death and grief, we are here for you.

You can always call Pastor Annika Klappert directly (Cell 416 567 2487) or email her at If she doesn’t immediately answer, please leave your phone number so she can call you back as soon as possible. She will then arrange a personal meeting with you where you can discuss any questions.

2017 Pastor Knaack Funeral

You can have a funeral service at our church for loved ones who pass away even if they were not members of our congregation.

The pastor will personally assist you in creating a service that speaks to your family and those who attend the funeral. You can draw on the rich tradition of our church’s readings and songs.

Also, call us when someone is close to passing and you want prayers or Holy Communion at the hospital or deathbed. It is often helpful to go on this journey together even before someone passes away.

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