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Last updated on April 6th, 2023

Project Manager is Sonja Schweiger

The latest revised floor plan for the 2023 renovation project, here below and on [PDF] In the meantime Council is also creating a task force to develop a rental policy. We are currently at the construction phasing plan to end of May 2023, with  construction estimated to start at the beginning of June 2023

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Was the renovation of the sanctuary itself postponed to next year?
No, this is deferred indefinitely. Due to the inflation of labour and materials costs, as well as the results of our engineering investigations increasing the cost of the project, the sanctuary proposal is no longer in the budget. We are not fundraising actively due to the general state of our church finances, so the 700,000 we have are being used to complete the daycare room and foyer renovations.

Could you remind me why it is not possible to install an accessible washroom in the foyer?
There is no space for an accessible washroom and the appropriate plumbing in the foyer. We did look into adding a non-accessible single stall washroom as well, but this is no longer possible with our budget.

The existing washroom downstairs is not really accessible, e.g. the door can’t be opened by someone in a wheelchair by pushing a button.
This is true. We can look into installing the proper door.

If the new coat rack is put across from the elevator exit as it looks in the drawings, would that not be in the way when people exit the elevator?
Our updated foyer drawings has moved coat storage into the sanctuary.

Would we still be able to use the kitchen downstairs or do we need to move everything in the upstairs kitchen?
The kitchen downstairs is fine to use unless the daycare is in operation. The upstairs kitchenette is supplementary.

Will the windows in the nursery towards the sanctuary be kept?
In the new plan these windows will be filled with storage. This will also be better for sound isolation between the two spaces. Since there is no more nursery here there is no need for people to watch the service from outside the sanctuary.

With regards to the fire exits, my main concern is what if the way to the new fire exit in the front is blocked due to a fire?
Would we have enough time to evacuate the sanctuary/daycare through one back exit only?
As per code, this exiting strategy is considered safe, and I defer to the code and the architects on this decision.


On the Agenda at our AGM on February 26, 2023 was an update from the Martin Luther Church Building Project which everyone was eager to see. Click here to view the presentation slides: [PDF] 

Presented by Dan sommerfeld in place of Sonja Schweiger.

1. Progress since AGM on May 15, 2022
– Geotechnical investigation has been completed
– Hazardous materials investigation has been completed
– Daycare program drawings completed and submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Education
– New foyer scope design underway
– Permit drawings underway

2. Updated Timeline
Coordination Continuation – COMPLETION BY END OF FEBRUARY 2023
– AGM Presentation on February 26, 2023
– Congregation input on foyer design by March 2, 2023
– Committee to finalize scope of work in foyer and office vestibule
Ontario Ministry of Education Approval – SUBMITTED

After Ontario Ministry of Education Approval:

Construction phasing plan – END OF APRIL/MAY 2023
Construction start – BEGINNING OF JUNE 2023

3. Design Input
– A new proposal to make the side exit into a fire exit would save between $50-60,000 on the back exterior exit stair
– An updated foyer design was introduced, including storage units, new heating/cooling units, and a kitchenette
– Aspects of the foyer deemed important by church groups and event planners include tables and chairs, a kitchenette, information displays, and storage areas
– Foyer discussion topics included: What is most important to you? What do we need to store and display? What elements need to be permanent, or flexible? What appliances are needed in the kitchenette?

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