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German Lent Devotions on ZOOM at 7:30 pm


Mar 28    
All Day
2023 Actionsmotiv- „7 Wochen OhneGetty Images“
Source: „7 Wochen Ohne/Getty Images“

German Lent Devotions in 2023 on Zoom will take place on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm and last around 30 minutes during Lent, i.e. the period of Lent before Easter. Mark you calendars: February 28, 2023, March 7, 2003, March 14, 2023, March 21, 2023, March 28, 2023, and April 4, 2023. Contact the church office for the ZOOM link.

An action by DELKINA (German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America / See below – more on who they are.

In community with several German-speaking congregations in Canada and the USA, we invite you to devotions as part of the evangelical campaign “Seven weeks without”.

Topic of the evangelical campaign for 2023 is: “Glowing! Seven weeks without despondency” (

It is a good opportunity to reflect on the important things in life. It can help to make something specific. In the seven weeks before Easter, many people consciously avoid certain foods and beverages or want to get rid of unwelcome habits. Another plan can be to gain a different view of your own life or of your fellow human beings. For example, noticing the glow in yourself or in others and the good reasons not to despair despite all the suffering and misery in the world.

Devotion Outline:
Music, Greeting, Hymn, Psalm of the week, Prayer, Scripture Reading, Interpretation, Hymn, Intercessions, The Lord’s Prayer, Blessing, Music, Goodbyes

Dates and weekly topics:

February 28, 2023: Topic 1: Lights on! (Genesis 1:1-5)
March 7, 2003: Theme 2: My Fears (1 Samuel 17:4-11)
March 14, 2023: Theme 3: What sustains me (Numbers 6:24-26)
March 21, 2023: Topic 4: And how I glow! (Matthew 5:14-16)
March 28, 2023: Theme 5: We walk together (Ruth 1:16-17)
April 4, 2023: Theme 6: Through the night (Matthew 27:45-46) or Theme 7: Into the morning (John 14:19)


Contributing DELKINA pastors:
St. George’s Church Toronto – Pastor Katharina Möller
Martin Luther Church Toronto – Pastor Annika Klappert
Immanuel Lutheran Church Philadelphia, PA – Pastor Norbert Hahn
German Evangelical Church in Washington, DC – Pastor Martin Eberle
Congregation of Zion Church Baltimore, MD – Pastor Anke Deibler
United Church Washington, DC – Pastor Katja Albrecht
German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Church New York – Pastor Lars Reimann

DELKINA is a special umbrella organisation for ministry among people of German language and/or heritage in North America. We adhere to the Lutheran Confessions, but we are open to cooperation with other church organizations. Reaching out to people whose primary language is not English (i.e. German), we see ourselves as an integral part of the multicultural mission and outreach of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

As an official interest conference, we work with and are supported by the two major Lutheran church bodies in North America, namely Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and by the Evangelical Church in Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland or EKD). Our financial support comes largely from the memberships and donations of member congregations and individual members. Membership is open to all who share our mission.

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