Einzahlung Auf Das Neue Spendenkonto

$130,000 is needed to reopen the Martin Luther Church Day Care!

Einzahlung auf das neue Spendenkonto

Einzahlung auf das neue Spendenkonto

If you wish to make a contribution, come to church in person, or mail-in your donation, or follow these three simple steps:

1. Visit your local BMO branch,
2. Give the account number and purpose: BMO Account # 2435 8978 800 and “5 Superior Trust”,
3. DONATe! Any amount is welcome (tax receipt $20.00+)

To see where your donation is going, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PastorOnTheLake

For more details on the history and recent developments of the daycare, please navigate to our blog on our website under Community – News Blog.

4. Take a selfie with your donation at the bank and send it to

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the children, parents and teachers of the daycare.