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Sunday School: 6th Sunday of Easter

Last updated on May 20th, 2020

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Welcome to Martin Luther Church Sunday School!

Rape blossom field and text "Summer of Stewardship"


Gott, der Sonntag gehört dir,

deinen Segen wünsch ich mir.

Lass mich deine Wege gehn,

täglich deine Wunder sehn.



Sunday in a quiet time,

bless this little life of mine.

In the wonder of each day,

let me live a holy way.



Welcome to this week’s Sunday School lesson! Do you remember the last time when we talked about the early Christians? They cared for each other by sharing their things, including growing and sharing their food, which helped them build the early church. We also introduced a word called “stewardship”. Do you know what it means to be a “steward”? A steward is someone who is responsible for looking after something important. There are many different kinds of stewardship. For example, looking after your money, your talents and gifts, or even how you spend your time. But in today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about environmental stewardship, playing our part in God’s creation, which means looking after nature. We will learn how we can all be God’s stewards.

Before We Read and Watch Today’s Story…

Have you ever been responsible for looking after something that grows in the ground like plants, or food?

If you did work with plants and veggies, was to help someone else? Maybe you were helping a grandparent with theirs last summer.

Do you remember what types of things they were growing? Apples? Pumpinks? Gross cucumbers maybe?

Do you think they kept them all or did they share some?

When you read, watch, and listen to today’s story of the early Christians I want you to listen closely for signs of caring like the ones we just talked about.

I want you to look for signs of growing, helping and sharing. You won’t hear the word stewardship but maybe you will hear about it in this part of our story.

In your Spark Bible turn to page 320, did you find Bible Bug?

We call him Barnaby, what do you call him?

Here is Our Story:

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

18 He said, therefore, ‘What is the kingdom of God like? And to what should I compare it? 19 It is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.’

Luke 13:18-21

I Wonder…

The reading starts with “he said, therefore” does that sound like Jesus was answering someone’s question? Who do you think asked him those questions? Would you have asked him? “Hey, Jesus can you tell me what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about? I don’t understand it.”
It is a fair question!

Jesus answer sounds like he was sitting there in the hot sun with a tinny little mustard seed in his hand, why do you think he picked a mustard seed? I bet that the seed felt special, nobody in that crowd would ever look at one the same.

Have you ever noticed how most of the really big pants and trees come from the smallest seeds?  I guess even really tall people started out small too.

If you were sitting there on the ground listening to people asking questions and Jesus answering how you feel at the beginning and them at the end of his story?  Do you feel encouraged to hear about something small doing big things?

What can the mustard bush do when it is fully grown?
How is God’s family, The Church still like a mustard seed?
How does God’s family grow to be like a strong mustard bush?

Hint: Use some Bible Math from the last weeks
The Church+Sharing=Groing

Let’s Think About That…

Some people let us or make us feel small, maybe we are small but they make us feel tinny and useless.  Maybe those people are bigger, older, faster, smarter, or know more than us, but they shouldn’t make us feel small.  Remember the most important seed, the one Jesus picked up, held in his hand and compared to God’s Kingdom was one of the smallest.  If it was treated properly with some soil and some watering, boy was that seed going to do big things!  It would grow, share its seeds, shade, and braches.  Jesus showed us big things an come from little things that are cared for, the little things are important too! Sometimes we do a little thing and it ends up making a BIG difference.

Let’s Talk About How…

We might be little or big, or maybe on our way to big, and we are important, God has given us the responsibility of caring for this earth.  He made it, he made us, he loves it, and he loves us.  So this week we are going to take some little things and try to make a big difference.  Your Sunday Funday kits have seeds in them, stay tuned to the Instagram for times and directions for planting.  Just like the early Church, we are going to grow vegetables, enjoy them, and share them.  SHARING = CARING = GROWTH

Don’t forget to show us what you made!

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Parents and guardians, we would like your permission to make a collage of the pictures you send us, we will publish it on our social media accounts.

As We Prepare to Say Goodbye For this week let’s…

Sing Our GoodBye Song…


Chorus: Be sheltered on serving paths.
Be protected in the middle of the night.
Through sunny days, storms and rain,
the Creator keeps watch over you.

1) In the middle of the gray everyday world,
which sang and soundlessly cramped me,
I hear a song that I like
and that gives me perspectives.

2) Sometimes when a day comes to an end
and the night penetrates all cracks,
I feel the wind that blows around us
and brings these lines with it.

3) Whenever we part,
I feel sadness, I feel alone.
And until we meet again,
the words should be your companion.


Ref.: Sei behütet auf dienen Wegen.
Sei behütet auch mitten in der Nacht.
Durch Sonnentage, Stürme und durch Regen
hält der Schöpfer über dir die Wacht.

1) Mitten in die graue Alltagswelt,
die sang und klanglos mich beengt,
höre ich ein Lied, das mir gefällt
und das mir Perspektiven schenkt.

2) Manchmal, wenn ein Tag zu Ende geht
und die Nacht durch alle Ritzen dringt,
spüre ich den Wind, der uns umweht
und diese Zeilen mit sich bringt.

3) Immer, wenn wir auseinandergehn,
spür ich Trauer, fühl mich allein.
Und bis wir uns einmal wiedersehn,
solln die Worte dein Begleiter sein.

Pray Our Goodbye Prayer

Visit our virtual prayer wall on Instagram to learn about prayer requests and leave your own prayers there!

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