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Call for Submissions for Altar Art – We have faith. We need art.

Last updated on December 10th, 2023

More details on out Altar Art webpage.

Our Expression of Interest Document [PDF ] was posted on April 15, 2023

Video with Leanne and Kristine, Altar Art committee members, showing the space [Video] recorded May 16, 2023. 46 seconds.

Several years ago, a congregation member made a donation towards the creation of Altar Art for our sanctuary. This donation was the catalyst for larger renovation plans into which this project was absorbed, until the beginning of 2022, when a dedicated Altar Art committee was formed specifically to commission a piece of art to be placed behind the altar. Over the last several months, the committee has created the following expressions of interest document which includes the parameters of the project (size, budget, considerations, types of acceptable media) and details about the selection process.

Originally, the art was to be created in tandem with the renovation of the sanctuary. However, in light of budget constraints that no longer allow for these renovations at present, the expression of interest document describes the space as it currently exists as well as provides artists with enough information to take the potential future renovation into consideration.

The call for submissions was put out in April of 2023, and the opportunity to submit expressions of interests will remain open until October 15, 2023. The committee will select and contact several candidates before the end of November 2023 to ask them to participate in an interview and create a more detailed proposal. This time and work will be compensated with an honorarium. The proposals and results of the interviews will be evaluated by the committee, and their findings will be put to a vote by the congregation in early 2024, at which point the final candidate will be selected to work together with the committee and congregation on this project.

Design, construction, and installation should take no longer than 6 months. The budget for this project is $8000, part of the original donation, which will include artist fees, materials, and installation cost. The artwork will be ready to be displayed in late 2024.

Any questions can be directed to Sonja Schweiger at

Our Altar Art Committee comprises: Leanne Grammenz, Larissa Mattwich, and Kristine Stuef, with Sonja Schweiger as project manager.

Please share our Call for Submissions [PDF] poster far and wide. Thank you.

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