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Deadline to submit recording of “O du fröhliche”


Nov 30    
All Day

The idea is to record a German Christmas carol which will have all our voices together. It is “O du fröhliche” (Oh, how joyfully) in four parts. Sheet music, instructions and the music examples are below. If you have any questions, just ask Pastor Annika Klappert!

The submission DEADLINE for the recording is November 30, 2021.

Each recording begins with a full measure of the beginning note, in the second measure only the metronome can be heard and then it starts in the third measure.

When recording, make sure that you look gently into the camera until the end. At the end of the third stanza there is a ritardando. So listen to everything carefully before recording!






Record video and audio together using your cell phone or computer. Listen to the master track first. Sing along the master track using headphones. Ensure windows are closed to block any street noise. Don’t tap your foot.

The recording can be sent via SMS or WhatsApp to project leader Pastor Judith Kierschke at Martin Luther Church Ottawa (613-552-9587) or uploaded here:

Please include your name and the name of your church in the file name.

2021 O-du-frohliche-German-Congregations-Project flyer

O du fröhliche Sheet Music

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