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Leave a Legacy Gift to the Church – how to in estate planning.

Please let us know by phone or by email if you would like to attend a Legacy Planning Workshop at Martin Luther Church early in the New Year 2023. We welcome your philanthropy!

Top Ten Reasons to give the gift of a legacy to the church

1. People like you are INHERENTLY GENEROUS.
2. You may not even be able IMAGINE the kind of IMPACT your gift can have.
3. With a legacy gift, you can take advantage of some very favourable TAX INCENTIVES.
4. With strategic or bequest giving, you too can be a “PHILANTHROPIST.”
5. Canada has the MOST GENEROUS TAX INCENTIVES in the world for charitable giving.
6. You can fully ELIMINATE YOUR TAXES by giving to charity in your will – it’s actually radical!
7. If you have an estate that results in a big tax bill on the FINAL TAX RETURN ON YOUR ESTATE, you can claim gifts equal to 100 percent of your income in your final year of life and one year back. If you give enough, it can wipe out taxes on the FINAL RETURN. Thus, your family would not pay taxes on your estate.
8. Leaving a legacy gift is NOT about “giving to charity and disinheriting family” – rather, it is about going through a process of BALANCING.
9. You can actually LEAVE MORE MONEY TO YOUR CHILDREN by leaving a gift to the church.
10. While many of us would prefer not to think about what happens after we’re gone, PLANNING AHEAD IN A POSITIVE WAY CAN HELP US FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER ABOUT IT.

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