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Our Annual General Meeting was held on Feb 26, 2023

Last updated on December 8th, 2023

UPDATE: Introducing of our newly elected 2023 church council members: Mona Frantzke (President), Andrea (Co-Vicepresident), Jocelyn Sommerfeld (Co-Vicepresident), Kai Herrmann (Treasurer), Tanya Zielke (Secretary) and Andreas Boettcher.

Installation Service on Sunday March 26, 2023, at 11:00 am, a bilingual English-German Service. Pastor Annika Klappert released Iris Schweiger (president) and Martin Haefele (treasuere) of duty having served 6 years. Thank you!


2023 Annual General Mtg Feb26March 1, 2023. Congregational members stayed for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the basement after the 11:00 am bilingual service with Holy Communion, led by Pastor Annika Klappert.  2022 Reports were available to read two weeks ahead of time in both English and German.

The Martin Luther Church extends its heartfelt gratitude to both Iris Schweiger (President) and Martin Haefele (Treasurer) whose tenures ended at this 2023 AGM as they have fulfilled their six years of duty (3 + 3 years), per the Martin Luther Church constitution. The remaining four Council members were joined by four other volunteers to form the new Church Council.

On the Agenda was an update from the Martin Luther Church Building Project which everyone was eager to see. Click here to view the presentation slides: [PDF] 

1. Progress since AGM on May 15, 2022
– Geotechnical investigation has been completed
– Hazardous materials investigation has been completed
– Daycare program drawings completed and submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Education
– New foyer scope design underway
– Permit drawings underway

2. Updated Timeline
Coordination Continuation – COMPLETION BY END OF FEBRUARY 2023
– AGM Presentation on February 26, 2023
– Congregation input on foyer design by March 2, 2023
– Committee to finalize scope of work in foyer and office vestibule
Ontario Ministry of Education Approval – SUBMITTED

After Ontario Ministry of Education Approval:

Construction phasing plan – END OF APRIL/MAY 2023
Construction start – BEGINNING OF JUNE 2023

3. Design Input
– A new proposal to make the side exit into a fire exit would save between $50-60,000 on the back exterior exit stair
– An updated foyer design was introduced, including storage units, new heating/cooling units, and a kitchenette
– Aspects of the foyer deemed important by church groups and event planners include tables and chairs, a kitchenette, information displays, and storage areas
– Foyer discussion topics included: What is most important to you? What do we need to store and display? What elements need to be permanent, or flexible? What appliances are needed in the kitchenette?

2023 AGM Building Project Update -04B SSedit




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